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RV-2 Incredible Asbury

Enjoy this incredible Glamping experience - RV #2. This fully loaded 2019 34’ Cougar RV can only be delivered to one of the 5 local wine country RV/Camp grounds or any other of the 60+ RV/Camp grounds within 150 miles of Temecula Wine Country.  You and/or your family, friends can relax and enjoy the outdoor BBQ and/or Portable Jacuzzi and/or the outdoor Fire-Pit.  RV Glamping is the most affordable and comfortable way to enjoy an incredible family getaway, romantic weekend or just test out RV'ing. 

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Amenities & Accommodations

This Awesome RV-2 can only be delivered to one of the 5 Rv/Camp grounds within the Temecula Wine Country area or one of 60+ RV/Camp grounds with 150 miles of Temecula. The site you must first book MUST be a full hookup site for 34’ or bigger. By full hookup we mean it must be able to be hooked up to 30amp or 50 amp electricity, water, and must have sewer or daily pump out. That means you have the same amenities of a fully functioning home including air conditioning, electrical space heater, hot water, bathroom (shower, toilet) full  kitchen, lounge and so on. (No dry camping)(See list of rv/camp grounds below)

This new 2019 Cougar 34’ RV also has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, one living room, a dinning area, and a modern kitchen. The master bedroom has a comfortable 14” therapeutic semi firm king bed with walk around space and closet space next to and above the bed. The other sleeping areas have a bunk bed with queen over queen size beds and the sofa turns into a double bed.  So max is 8 (4 couples as we have 4 large beds) 

The bathroom is in the rear with inside access and its own backside entrance. It has full toilet, hot shower and tub plus hand sink. This makes a great setup for 4 adults  and 4 kids or even 8 adults couples wanting to enjoy glamping. (The base price covers two guests, additional guests are $25 each per night)

The fully loaded kitchen with appliances microwave, blender keurig coffee maker and other cookware provides all of the conveniences you'll need during your Glamping experience.  We have fully stocked it with 6 sets of dishes, serve ware, and drink ware. Inside this incredible RV you have a dinning portable tables capable of seating 4, and outdoors are a large 6 person dining area and picnic table. 

There is a 52” TV in the main living room of the RV,  with indoor sound system to enjoy your favorite entertainment. You can hookup your iPhone, iPad or android device and stream what ever you want.  We do offer for an additional fee full WiFi connection with 100 gigs of high speed LTE connection. Once used up it then throttles back to 3G which is enough for email but no streaming services. 

Speaking of the outdoors. we provide a gas BBQ and an optional portable 4 person jacuzzi (additional fee.) Finally, what would "Glamping" be without a propane fire pit with 6 seats to enjoy some outdoor music, S'mores and outdoor fun games such as horseshoes cornhole. 

You will be renting the entire Incredible RV-2 and  it can only be delivered. Local delivery, setup, breakdown and pickup is $150 to one of the 5 local Rv/Camp grounds (Vail Lake, Pechanga Casino, Indian Oaks, Tucalota Springs RV Park, Woodchuck Campground RV Park. ). Delivery to on of the other 60+ RVCamp grounds is $150 base plus $3 a mile from Temecula Wine Country.  For example if the camp ground is 100 miles from Temecula Wine Country then it is $150 plus $300 (Total $450) for delivery/setup/breakdown and pickup. 

We do have an additional RV's so if you are interested in bring friends or additional guests you can book the other RV's as well.

For more information about our other vacation rentals you can check out our website at CaliVRManagement. Search Cali  V  R  B  O   LLC

Come experience Incredible Glamping RV#1 as your home away from home!

Note: Some things you may want to consider as you are Glamping:

This may be an obvious statement to some but to others we need to gently remind you that this is an “outdoor activity” and therefore natural pests do occur at various times of the year. There will be sometimes be -  flies, mosquitoes earwigs ants and other natural pests , it is an outdoor activity after all . Their existence and / or presence does not entitle you to a refund and/or  to write a bad review or threaten us with a bad review for a refund .

Delivery of the Glamping RV#2 must be co-ordinated with the RV/Camp ground. We will deliver and setup (takes 1 hour) what ever time you request. We will breakdown and pickup (allow 1 hour) whatever time you request.  Early check-in or late checkout’s must be co-ordinated with the RV/Camp ground allowing for setup and/or breakdown times. So for example if check-in is 2:00pm and you coordinate with us to check-in at 2:00pm, you will not have access to the RV till 3:00pm. It takes us 1 hour to setup your RV. You can be there and we can walk you through things but you will NOT be able to relax and enjoy till 1 hour after your co-ordinate check-in time. The same applies to Check-out. If check out time is 11:00am the latest we must start breaking down and packing up is 10:00am as we need 1 hour. We will be towing the RV away at exactly 11:00am  So plan accordingly. If you want to be in the RV till 11:00am then YOU must co-ordinate late check-out for 12:00pm. Most RV/Camp grounds will NOT allow this. So plan ahead.  

We do offer "optional" additional services that do have additional fees:  Extra Guest Fee (Overnight), Pet Fee, Mobile Hotspot Fee, Potable Jacuzzi Fee . These need to be agreed upon and paid 3 days prior to your rental.

* Extra guest fees: Over Night Guests: The base nightly price for the RV includes 2 guests overnight guests . If you are bringing additional overnight guests (up to 6 over night in this RV)  we do charge an additional $25 per person per night for all guests staying after 10:00pm.  If you entered the accurate number of guests staying overnight during the booking process, it will automatically calculated it into the nightly price and the platform will collect the money. However, if you have changes after the booking process, please notify us as soon as possible so we can refund or charge you according to the changes. This must be settled 3 days prior to your arrival. You do need to inform the RV/Camp ground about the additional guests and vehicles. 

* Pet Fee: Confirm your RV/Camp ground allows pets. We do charge a pet fee of $125 per pet for the duration of the stay. This fee does NOT cover us picking up after your pet . We do ask that you pick up after your pets or we will be forced to charge you a "Pet Cleanup" fee.

* Mobile Hotspot Fee: We do offer for an additional fee of $50 a full WiFi connection with 100 gigs of high speed LTE connection. Once used up it then throttles back to 3G which is enough for email but no streaming services. 

* Portable 4 person Jacuzzi Fee: The portable hot tub can be setup (additional 1 hour) and ready for you when you arrive. The cost is $100 for the duration of your rental  (Keep in mind it takes 24 hours to heat from 50f to 100F) 

* We do not meet you during the check-in process, so to ensure that you understand the use of everything and everything is 100% to your satisfaction we will have you conduct a self check-in process and then sign our online self check-in form. This is REQUIRED by our insurance company.

* We do require that you be 18 years of age or older and you have read and signed our Vacation Rental Agreement at least 3 days  prior to your arrival.  This is located on our  website calivrmanagement  (Search Cali V  R  B O  LLC.) It does require that you create a separate login account and that you enter your information which will then be automatically added to your Vacation Rental Agreement. 

* If paying by credit card the CARD MUST BE IN THE RENTER’S NAME/THE GUEST SIGNING THE CONTRACT (NO EXCEPTIONS). The renter must sign this agreement and must submit a Government ID that matches the name on the credit card. We CANNOT ACCEPT third party payments

* All amenities and appliances such as the BBQ, the fire pit, the games, the kitchen appliances and so on, are ALL COMPLEMENTARY. If one or more are not functioning we cannot and will not refund you your money or ANY portion.

Vacation Rental Home Amenities

    • Hot Tub
    • Gas Fireplace
    • Air Conditioning
    • Central Heating
    • Full Kitchen
    • Outdoor Grill
    • Wireless Internet
    • Free Parking
    • Keyless Entry
    • Coffee Service


Rate PeriodDailyWeekly
Standard Rates: Sep 22, 2023-Mar 15, 2025 (1 Night Minimum)$150-$200$1,000
Surcharges for holidays and special seasons may apply. All currencies are shown in USD.

Rental Policies and Conditions

Payments Accepted: Credit Cards, Peer to Peer Payment, Bank Transfers.


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